About Us


True Flour baker and owner Juliana has been creating desserts ever since she can remember. After going vegan in 2013, she quickly began vegan-izing her favorite desserts, then opened True Flour in 2016 in Jacksonville Beach, Fl. After moving to Charlotte in 2018, she noticed a missing piece in the vegan baking community: Rice Krispy Treats. This childhood staple is hard to find in the vegan community, with gelatin-free marshmallows being scarce. So, True Flour Charlotte began with The OG Rice Krispy Treat. She also has a love for chocolate, so the Best Seller from Florida made the cut. The Double-Fudge Brownie (that is Vegan AND Gluten-Free) now is being sought after all over the city. True Flour hopes to be a leader in changing how the world views the food industry. Baking Change, one treat at a time.