Vegan Brussels

We were in Brussels for the New Year and found many delicious vegan spots. We found a ton on @happycow but since we were there during the holidays many were closed. But, the good news is there is plenty of veg food in Brussels and here’s the spots we did try.

Sweet Potato Reuben @ Peck 47
  • Peck 47:Cute cafe with veggie options. I got this delicious veggie sandwich and soup that was so good I could have eaten it every day… Check their FB page here.
    Focaccia Sandwich @ The Sister
    • The Sister Brussels Cafe: Cool restaurant that has something for everyone. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner food as well as many coffee and tea options and a big craft beer list. It is in a great location right by the Grand Palace. We went here twice, got breakfast one time and had  great tea, coffee and vegan waffles! Another time I got an amazing focaccia sandwich paired with the soup of the day. So so yummy! Website 
    • EXKi: This healthy fast food chain is all over Brussels. It reminded us a lot of Panera but nicer and all the food is already made. It’s grab and go but also has a bunch of seating if you want to eat in. There was plenty of vegan options including wraps, soups, salads and desserts. All the food is clearly labelled so you know what is vegan. Check them out here 
    • WOKUP: This is a fast casual Asian restaurant. We ate here New Years Eve because most places were either closed or you had to have made reservations in advanced. They had veggie dishes and tofu. It was pretty good and we were just happy to find food to eat! Website 
    • Sultans of Kebab: This is a fast food kebab place. Super cheap and open late. We grabbed falafel pitas and fries here late one night. We love falafel so kebab places are always a go to for us when there’s limited options.
    • Carrefour Market: This is one of Brussels main grocery stores so they are scattered throughout the city. We picked up breakfast food and snacks here. They have nut milks, cereals, bars, fruits and veggies and pre-made foods like tabbouleh and salads.
    • Chocolate: Obviously Belgium is known for their chocolate and I happen to be a chocolate lover. There are tons of chocolate shops throughout Brussels so make sure to pop in some of the stores and have a taste! Most of the Dark Chocolate is vegan, just ask or look at the labels 🙂
    • Hotel Queen Anne: This was the hotel we stayed at. It was in a good location and pretty good price. Book Here 

    Chocolate Fountain




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