Vegan Amsterdam


We traveled to the Netherlands over Christmas break and found some amazing vegan food. The plant-based community is booming in Amsterdam and we got to see it first hand. Although I had the flu at the beginning of the trip we were still able to check out a few of the many vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. Here’s what we found..


  • St. Christopher’s Inn: This is the hostel we stayed at. We had our own room and bathroom, small but there was a restaurant and bar on the first floor and it was in a great location…Book Online Here
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar: This is a 100% vegan restaurant, super chic, cool vibes, has a bar and delicious grub: burgers, chicken nuggets, loaded fries all the bad good stuff you can think of…but vegan:)Definitely a must go to.Menu Here 
  • Maoz: Vegetarian Chain, you can find these all over Europe and there are some in the States. They sell falafel, you can get a pita or salad and you add what toppings you want. Tasty, cheap and convenient. Website 
  • Samrat Indiaas Restaurant: We went here for Christmas dinner since it was one of the few restaurants open and we love Indian food. It was a cozy, family owned restaurant with very yummy Indian food. Check out their Menu
  • img_5833
  • Juice by Nature: This cafe was right down the street from our hostel it had a bunch of fresh pressed juices, and a ton of vegan and gluten free breakfast and lunch options.  I got waffles and a golden turmeric milk latte. It’s a little pricey, but worth it for the quality and freshness. Website 
  • TerraZen Centre: 100% Vegan family owned restaurant. Small inside with some 2 tops and family style seating. There was only one guy running the restaurant, so the service was slow but the food was delicious! Made to order and so delicious. The only problem was the bathroom was out of order when we were there and it was hard to find a public bathroom near. More Info 
  • Ekoplaza: We stumbled upon this cute food market and found lots of vegan stuff!
  • Albert Cuyp Market: Huge outdoor market with fresh produce, flowers, souvenirs, etc. Fun to walk around at. It is open everyday but Sunday.
  • Mumu to the Moon: We tried to go here because we saw online they had vegan chocolate and desserts but we never found where to enter and later found out it’s been permanently closed 😦




We stayed in Utretch for 2 nights during our trip. It is a city about 25 miles outside of Amsterdam and is a medieval old town, with canals, Christian monuments and a University. It is a gorgeous city, similar to Amsterdam but on a smaller scale so you can explore easier. I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance. We were a little under the weather while here so we didn’t get to go to many vegan restaurants but there are so many vegan spots in Utretch! Hopefully we can go back one day and explore more, but here is a few spots we were able to go to.

  • Gys: Super trendy cafe, it is an all organic Restaurant that is mostly vegan, the menu is  labelled well and they have an English version which is helpful. I got a very flavorful soup since I still wasn’t feeling well and it was very yummy and all the other food looked very fresh and delicous. More Info
  • Fa Ganseman VOF: Cute little market with some vegan snacks, fun shop to stop by if passing through.
  • AH Troosterhof: This was the grocery store that was near our BNB. We grabbed breakfast and dinner ingredients here. They had all the ingredients we needed and good produce.

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