Vegan Milan

Italian food is probably one of my favorite types of food and Milan made me love it even more! I was a little worried that there might be a lot of dairy and eggs in many of the Italian dishes but turns out almost all Italian dough and noodles are vegan! We enjoyed many different pizzas and pastas that were out of this world!! There was also a ton of vegetarian restaurants. I highly recommend going to Italy and of course, Milan. Below is some of the restaurants we tried while staying in Milan for five days.


  • La Vecchia Latteria Milano: Small vegetarian restaurant, just ask which items are vegan, the staff was very nice and helpful. I got the pumpkin gnocchi and it was phenomenal!More info on FB. 



  • Be Bop: This is a nice restaurant with meat and also plenty of vegan options. It is near Navigili district so great location. We got the falafel pizza, zucchini pesto and croqettas so much food and so so good! More info here 

  • Naturalmente: This is a small grab and go restaurant very popular for lunch. There are a few high tops to sit at so we got soup and sat in. Nice place with healthy options.

  • img_5735

  • La Colubrina: Veggie restaurant with many vegan options. I got a vegan white sauce pasta with homemade noodles and veggies, which was pretty tasty. The staff was very sweet and there was also a lot of vegan desserts. Facebook Page

  • Sabbia d’oro: Nice pizza restaurant in navigili. Great atmosphere and amazing pizza, we just ordered a margarita pizza with no cheese and it was delicious even though it was a super simple pizza. Facebook Page

  • img_5768
  • Verdis Milano: Super trendy cafe with fresh ingredients, plenty of vegan options. Has great teas, coffee and desserts! I got the croqettas salad, it was very good and a nice change up from pizza and pasta! More info here  

  • img_5815
  • Trattoria Noi Due: All vegetarian restaurant. Very homey, sweet staff, there is no alcohol but its near navigili district so you can always grab drinks before or after. I got the ravioli and it was fantastic! I haven’t had ravioli in a long time and it hit the spot! Website

  • img_5786
  • Backdoor 43: This is a bar but I feel like it’s worth mentioning because it’s like a speakeasy. It is the smallest bar in the world!! So cool, you must make a reservation because only 4 people can fit in the bar. They are known for whiskey but they can make you anything. Super neat experience! More info

  • img_5778
  • Eatly: High-end market that is three stories!! They have everything from fresh produce to wine and kitchen appliances. Very cool place to check out if you can. They also have small restaurants inside that you can eat at and wine tastings. We just looked around before heading to the airport and grabbed some focaccia to-go and it was of course delicious! Website 


  • Soulgreen: 100% plant based restaurant. It is pretty fancy even though we went for lunch but you do need to make a reservation. You order on an i-pad and then the food is brought to you. Super cool and the food was very yummy and all gluten free as well. Visit their website

  • Train Station: To get to the airport or for a day trip you will probably go to the Milan Central Station at some point. It is also very famous because of how beautiful and big it is. There is a ton of shops and restaurants. We just grabbed some breakfast food at a grab and go shop that had a bunch of vegan food including pre-made sandwiches, entrees, smoothies and even vegan yogurt/granola cups.


  • Tratorria dei Bracconieri: One day we took a day trip to Lake Como (which I highly recommend). We took the funicular up to Brunate and ate at this restaurant which was looking over Lake Como. Amazing! We got Penne with Tomato Sauce which was about all they had for vegans but it was good and the view was spectacular! Website


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