Vegan South of France

Our first trip while living in Europe was a Road Trip through the South of France. This was one of the more challenging places we had finding good vegan food, but we still had some great meals and here’s what we found…

Aix-en-Provence and Gorges du Verdon


  • Pittz: Fast food Falafel place. Very tasty. Menu labeled vegan options. Website here
  • Grocery Stores: Fresh baguette with veggies or most stores have vegan tabbouleh that is really tasty and good with a baguette as well. Olives, fruit and chips are also good to munch on and cheap.
  • Breakfast: We usually find a grocery store to grab food to bring to our BNB or hostel. Most all grocery stores have nut milks and yogurts so we usually do that with cereal and fruit or pre-made smoothies/juices
  • Non-Veg Restaurants: While road tripping through these small towns in the mountains there were no veggie restaurants so we just had to wing it. Italian restaurants are usually a good pick if it’s available, you can get a veggie pizza with no cheese or spaghetti. Some pastas have egg in it so ask and when in doubt most restaurants can usually make a nice big salad full of fresh vegetables—While staying in a very small village in the Verdon Regional Park where there was only a small convenient store and a hotel restaurant. The hotel chef made us a delicious huge salad with a side of bread and fries. Very nice staff and so flexible, it was a great experience!



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  • Marché Forville: A huge Farmers Market everyday but Monday with tons of fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts,  breads, olives and pre-made goodies. More info here 

  • Green Vibes: This is a cute little vegan food truck that sets up at the market above and a couple other places. They have a variety of menu items, unfortunately they were sold out of everything when we got there but the guy working was so sweet and threw a dish together for us with what veggies he had leftover and it was delicious! Highly recommend stopping by!
  • KEBAB or Dr. Falafel: We just went to a random Kebab place (which are everywhere) for a falafel pita but later saw ‘Dr. Falafel’  which is an all vegan falafel place. Dr. Falafel Website 
  • La Villa Azure: For dinner we went here and had great food and watched the sunset…so amazing!! It is a regular restaurant but had a Vegetarian Pizza that we got with no cheese and a Spicy Tomato Sauce Penne Pasta. The staff was great and very understanding of our vegan order. Website here.




  • Le Speakeasy: Very small vegetarian restaurant run by an older women from California so she speaks great English and is super sweet. The food is made to order so it is super fresh and delicious!! Fun little place we happened to stumble upon.
  • Noori’s: We love Indian food and this Indian Restaurant had good vegan options and was authentic.
  • Lovebio: Cute cafe with vegan smoothies, croissants, crepes and vegan GELATO. Service is a little slow service but worth it.
  • Vegan Gorilla: 100% vegan restaurant with great reviews we tried to go here but it was after 2 pm so it was closed till dinner. I also read you need a reservation.
  • Hostel Meyerbeer Beach: This was the hostel we stayed at and had breakfast with tea, coffee, juice, cereal and toast with jam. They had a small common area where we met a ton of cool people. Highly recommend! Book Here
  • There are plenty of vegan options in Nice we just weren’t there very long but you should have no problem using google or happycow to find a ton of vegan food!

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