Vegan Barcelona

Barcelona is full of vegan restaurants, here is a neighborhood guide to some of the places we went while living in Barcelona…



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  • Poke Maoli: Good for vegans and non vegans. Build your own poke bowl right off the beach. Choose your rice, veggies,(meat) tofu and sauce. Explore this restaurant.
  • La Heladería Mexicana: Family owned restaurant with a small food menu that has vegan tacos (very tiny). The best part though is the 100% vegan gelato case… so so delicious and on the way to the beach! They also have some vegan and gluten-free desserts.
  • Sea Bar: Cafe right off the main beach drag. Great for a quick breakfast or lunch. They have amazing fresh juices, coffee with nut milk and a veggie sandwich.
  • Rebelot: This is small local bar with a vegan burger and some veggie tapas. It’s in the heart of Barceloneta and will give you a real local feel and the burger and patatas are delicious. More info
  • BarCeloneta: 100% vegan restaurant with true Spanish dishes including: paella (with vegan shrimp), tapas and a sangria bar!! Learn more
  • Bon Marisc: Before finding the vegan paella we stopped in this regular paella restaurant where you can always get veggie paella. It’s a good fall back if you can’t find anything else or you’re with non-vegans. 
  • Komesano: Herb Shop with dry pastas, grains, nuts, kombucha, vegan chocolates, cookies, teas and natural beauty products. Must check out if you are in the Barceloneta neighborhood.
  • SPAR & Caprabo Barceloneta: Main grocery stores in Barcelona with great vegan options. Very good hummus and veggie choices also, Caprabo had a vegetarian fridge with pre-packaged Vegetalia seasoned tempeh that was to die for. 



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  • Hummus Barcelona: All vegetarian restaurant that is mostly vegan. Has an amazing  menu of the day and the best falafel. Explore this restaurant 
  • La Trocadero: This all vegan burger bar is near the  Sagrada Familia and has the best burgers and also serves vegan hotdogs and chicken nuggets! Explore 
  • Flax & Kale: Very cool concept mostly vegetarian. Has fresh pressed juices, baked goods and food. A sister company of  Teresa Carles. Learn more 
  • Teresa Carles: This location is their model restaurant with Vegetarian Cuisine near  the north end of La Rambla. Probably a good idea to make a reservation here. Reserve on their website

El Born


  • Pizza Paco: Cute pizza restaurant with a couple different vegan pizza that are so yummy! 
  • Cat Bar Cat: 100% vegan burger bar with craft beers and amazing vegan patatas bravas. Service can be a little slow but it’s worth it. Website here   
  • Vegetalia: One of our favorites in Barcelona! They are a vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. A big variety of foods, there are 3 locations so we went here quite often and were never disappointed. Learn more  

El Raval


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  • Veggie Garden Cafe: All Vegan restaurant inspired by flavors of the world. We ordered some Indian dishes that were amazing. Check out their website here.
  • Vegetalia: Same vegetarian restaurant as mentioned above just another location. Visit website.
  • Restaurant L’Hortet: Vegetarian restaurant in good location with great ambiance. Might want to make a reservation. More info here.

Gothic Quarter


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  • Vegetalia: Must go to vegetarian restaurant.Website 
  • La Cereria: Vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. Interesting decor with friendly staff. We went a couple of times and had great food. Ask which dishes are vegan. 
  • Rasoterra: Upscale vegetarian restaurant, vegan and gluten-free items marked. The plates are smaller plates to share. It is a good idea to make a reservation or go right when they open. Cool concept and neat food. More info here.
  • Teresa Carles: This location is more their fast food restaurant with limited seating and a bar. They also have their fresh pressed juices, and milks in the window for grab and go. We sat at the bar for lunch and had delicious sandwiches and sat right in front of the desert case!! yum!! Check out their website here!
  • The Green Spot: Vegetarian, trendy, modern restaurant. Very chic ambiance. Their pastas are to die for! Making a reservation is probably a good idea even though they do have a lot of seating.  More info here
  • Bo de Be: The freshest sandwich shop in Barcelona. It gets extremely busy at lunch so expect a line at prime time. But it’s the perfect place to go to build your own sandwich and head to the beach! Website 
  • Gelato: There are many gelato shops that have vegan gelato, so make sure you keep your eyes open when passing the gelato shops!


GraciaCous Cous and Veggies @ Cafe Camelia


  • Cafe Camelia: Cute Vegetarian Cafe we went to after spending the morning in Park Guell. They have a menu of the day for lunch with a vegan option. You can make reservations but we just walked in and got lucky:)  More info 




  • When in doubt you can always grab some CHURROS which are naturally vegan, the chocolate usually has milk in it so ask if you really want to dip in the chocolate.


  • Tapas, Tapas, Tapas!! They are everywhere in Spain…
    • ‘Pan con Tomato’ is naturally vegan
    • ‘Patatas Bravas sin Salsa’, the bravas sauce has milk in it if you’re not at a vegan restaurant.



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