Where in the World are We and What are We doing?


My husband and I are currently living in Alcala de Henares a small town 20 miles outside of Madrid, Spain. We are both teaching/tutoring kids in English and traveling as much as we can. We have found many cities with a ton of vegan options and others with not so much, but we always seem to manage just fine.


I wanted to start this blog to show how easy it is to travel abroad and be vegan and also to share some easy recipes you can make at home with simple ingredients and not a lot of accessories. Currently we are living in a small piso (apartment) with no oven (!!!!!), no dishwasher and only two stovetops. For a baker and cooking lover this was a HUGE change. However, I have learned to be creative and efficient in the kitchen. I have still managed to even make chocolate chip cookies and pizza! I will let you know how in posts to come.

Baking Change, Juls




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