TRUE LIFE: Our Story

To start off True Flours first ever blog post I just wanted to start from the beginning and share our story. When, why and how my husband and I became vegan and what our life looks like now.

Here’s the bullet-point version:

  • Preston was living in Berkeley, CA in 2012 ( A veryy vegan friendly community)
  • He watched Forks over Knives on Neflix and got the facts on the amazing health benefits of a plant based lifestyle (Go watch it, it will blow your mind)
  • Preston made a 9X13 inch Vegan Lasagna from Forks over Knives website. It was delicious and he ate it all week and never ate meat again.
  • I however was not about it and kept eating my meat and animal products. (Even though I was never a big meat eater, I still thought he was crazy.)
  • Flash forward about a year later after being around Preston and seeing we were still able to go out to dinner, he still ate yummy food and he looked and felt incredible. I became vegan too.
  • Now our vegan journey as a couple began and we were always on the hunt for cool vegan restaurants, shops and BAKERIES. (I always loved to bake)
  • We both started experimenting in the kitchen and making bomb ass dinners and I of course started to figure out how to bake vegan. (It was a challenge but with research and practice I figured it out pretty quick)
  • Now it’s 2016, we’re engaged and I decide to quit my 9-5 job and start my vegan baking company and TRUE FLOUR was born 🙂


The Infamous Lasagna!Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 6.23.10 PM

So that’s the back story about HOW we became vegan and in my next posts I will go through each of the reasons of WHY we live the plant based lifestyle.

Here are the five whys:

  1. We feel Great
  2. We look Great
  3. We are Saving Animals
  4. We are helping the Environment
  5.  We have more food options than we could ever imagine

Baking Change,

Juls xx


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